The renaissance of the Saint-Macaire Monastery founded in 360 in the deserts of Egypt

THE LIGHT OF THE DESERT - La Lumière du Désert

In the Waddi el Natroum region of Egypt, there is one of the oldest monasteries in the world founded in 360 by St Macaire the Great.
Since then the monastic presence in this place has never been interrupted.
In 1969, a hermit Father Matta El Maskine, accompanied by a group of twelve monks who had lived for ten years in the desert arrival of Waddi El Ryyan in the manner of the first desert fathers, went to this monastery with Mission to rebuild it, to restart the monastic and eremitic life and to "make the desert flourish."
In five years the monastery of Saint-Macaire will be completely rebuilt and its surface multiplied by six, it currently has 130 monks and a dozen hermits living nearby, and plantations and livestock now stretch over more than one thousand two hundred hectares ...
These Coptic Orthodox monks who are experiencing a true renewal are part of the prestigious lineage of the Fathers of the Desert, the origin of Western monasticism.

mn - Director : Marc Jeanson

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